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    The continuing series of Generations portraits grew out of the earlier ‘Face of the Century’ project, engaging with similar themes concerning the life cycle, the ageing process, human biology, characteristics and questions of nature and nurture. It specifically and sequentially records direct biological lines of descent.

    “Photography captures a single moment in time. But the work of Julian Germain succeeds in raising questions about time passing which bring together past, future and present within the single image. He has succeeded in using portraiture to explore the particular and the specific in a way that eloquently poses questions about the life of every viewer, sending us away moved and challenged. His work explores not just the individual lifespan from birth to death, but also the context of family and society, which gives meaning to personal stories.”
    Tom Shakespeare. Archive Magazine, October 2005

    “…Julian Germain not only tries to capture the people but also the transient nature of all things. It is photography as photography was meant to be, exactly how the medium is used best: for producing, in process form – somewhat melancholic – time-related documents, flashbacks, memories made visible. Photos that elevate the personal lives of those photographed and bring to mind questions that confront all of us at some time in our lives: where do I come from, and where am I going?”
    Merel Bem.

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Megan Walsh 5, Leanne Walsh 21, Karen Walsh 40, Rhoda Holdsworth 76, Mary Holdsworth 96