In Soccer Wonderland: 1990 – 1994

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    ….IN SOCCER WONDERLAND explores a subject from the domain of popular culture, presented not as a series of classically composed images but more like disparate photographs from a personal scrapbook….By embracing a range of different “authors” viewpoints in a variety of media….Germain offers his audience a multi-layered view of the subject of football. Like a good piece of drama, we are encouraged to consider the subject from a range of different perspectives – we can for example choose at any one time to empathise with the young football fan obsessed with her hero or that of the football “widow” immortalised in her red and white garden.
    Brett Rogers, In Soccer Wonderland exhibition catalogue, the British Council, 1995

    ….The Cowshed will disappear. Whoever designs its replacement will not consider that wonderfully archaic script. And whatever is built will not match the lawn. Older, more puritanical supporters mourn the demolition of these stands, so ramshackle they seem to rise out of nearby back gardens….Younger supporters cannot understand this clinging to all that is rickety. They have no time for masochism: standing in the rain means getting wet. They want to smell something other than beer, Bovril and warm urine. More and more women and girls attend matches. Not for them the puerile thrill of forming a huge wall of scarves on a misty day. British football has changed for ever. This exhibition will serve as a memorial….
    Martin Herron, In Soccer Wonderland exhibition catalogue, the British Council, 1995.

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Self-portrait as Ray Crawford. Photograph, soccer annuals and gold foil, 1994