No Olho da Rua - In the eye of the street

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    collaboration with Patricia Azevedo, Murilo Godoy and ‘street children’ from Belo Horizonte, Brazil

    Since 1995 this totally independent project has (as and when resources allowed) offered ‘street children’ the chance to express themselves through photography, writing and interviews. Over the last 12 years, a wealth of material has been gathered, documenting the lives of some of the most marginalised people in the world. The aim is to create art exhibitions, publications and ‘actions’ that will serve as:

    - a testament of their ability as image makers and proof, which unfortunately is needed, that these people are capable of expressing strong, intelligent feelings and deep human emotions.

    - a permanent documentary record of the lives of the individual participants which are relevant to us all as an example of courage and resistance, deprivation and inequality, not only in developing societies, but increasingly, in the first world as well.

    - a conduit for discussion, debate, knowledge, understanding and action, now and into the future.

    “The investment made in the production and delivery of this project highlights the raw return that can be extracted by simply allowing power relationships to be inverted. Rather than just being willing students, these kids have actively negotiated the terms in which they have allowed themselves to be seen; they have performed for the camera and pointed the camera. In many ways though, through the production and distribution of these photographs, the kids have become activists for social change. This newspaper therefore allows their experiences to transcend the street and be literally placed in the hands of those who all too readily ignore their very existence.” Mark Sealy, Director Autograph ABP.

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